Our Vision
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About Learning InterActive

Founded by Dr Spario Soon (1997 NTU Teacher of the Year Recipient) & co-managed by a leading group of Mathematics educationists, Learning InterActive has gained trusted recognition as a leading consultancy of Mathematics for all academic levels.  With a team of highly accomplished teachers, we have successfully served in excess of 200 schools, providing on-site Mathematics training as well as tutorage to teachers and students.  Our vast teaching experience and curriculum know-how has enabled us to effectively nurture, cultivate and inspire students to realize their potential to the fullest.

Our Mission

At Learning InterActive, we recognize the importance of intelligent manipulative and ICT usage to enable teachers to deliver their teachings with greater clarity whilst permitting students to grasp complex concepts with ease.  This is why our Resource Center has come to be recognized as a leading provider of manipulative, teaching aids and classroom resources.  We strive to provide quality Mathematics resources to teachers as critical part of their teaching and learning material in schools.

Our Partnership

Our partners are distinguished leaders in the field of education development and together, we are committed towards progressing teaching pedagogy. (Please click Download if you cannot view the details on this page)